Drug Calculations for Health Professionals

Drug Calculations for Health Professionals 1.4

Drug Calculations for Health Professionals helps you make common calculations

Drug Calculations for Health Professionals is a simple application that allows health professionals and medicine students to learn or practice how to make common drug calculations in a snap. Among the subjects it includes, you will find fluid dosages, IV drip rates, dose by body weight, common abbreviations, to name but a few. You will learn and practice several calculations by following the instructions given. The program also helps you create tests for your students and even for yourself, in case you want to check your knowledge. It also includes pre-made tests on the above-mentioned subjects, selecting a specific subject or random them all. The program will record all your answers and will provide a score. The tests are fully customizable from the options menu, as well as other options regarding the user interface. The latter is extremely easy to use and intuitive, although it looks a bit old.
In short, Drug Calculations for Health Professionals is a simple but handy application that will help professionals-to-be practice lots of calculations and even create comprehensive tests to check their knowledge and skills.

Silvana Mansilla
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  • Lots of tests
  • You can create your own test
  • Fully customizable
  • Many subjects


  • The user interface looks a bit old
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